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How Playing Video Games Can Boost Kid’s Cognitive Learning?

Playing video games can help to boost your kid's cognitive learning. Which is essential for children to learn how to play sports or do other activities later on in life. Video games also have been shown to increase IQ levels by up to 20 points when compared with other children who do not play any video games at all.

Worst Electricity outage in Pakistan: See What’s Happening!

Power was out across Pakistan on Monday (January 23) morning due to a failure in the country's national grid. According to media sources, power was down in all major cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar.

How to Quit Shyness & Feel Confident At Social Gatherings

Shyness is a problem that can be overcome. Many people have similar feelings, and it can be really difficult to overcome these feelings. But don't worry, because, with a few simple tips, you can learn to become more confident and enjoy socializing with others.

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