How To Be More Happy, Healthy, Motivated, and Successful!


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Here are some tips to rock every day. Be more successful and happy. Grow Mentally and so much more…

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Make Your Bed Every Single Day

It’s been kind of statistically proven or just kind of said that successful people make their beds every single day. Because if your bed is unmade it’s so easy just to slip right back into it and stay unmotivated, lazy and just kind of lying around. Make sure you make your bed every single morning. It’ll just kind of get your head and in a clear space makes your room more of a room for working space versus like a comfy lazy space.


Limit your phone usage

This is very challenging for all of us. We’re all extremely addicted to our phones. But this is something you should try to implement. When you wake up in the morning, you’re probably reaching your phone but instead of just sitting there scrolling… scrolling… scrolling and scrolling… you should don’t check all your notifications. To limit the usage you can fix the time to check the phone like 5 minutes and then get out of bed and start your day. and then before bed do the same thing. Try not to be on your phone too much before bed because the longer you’re on your phone before bed like the less tired you’re gonna be in the more. It’s gonna like just keep you up. It’s not gonna get your mind in that sleep zone. Instead of using your phone, try reading or doing something else different instead of just staring at the screen.


Listen to Informative/Motivational Videos

Listen to inspirational speeches every single day. It’s incredible. It’ll motivate you like crazy. Just get your mind into something that’s benefiting you. It kind of empties your mind from thinking negative things about yourselves and thinking about what you did today and worrying about that. It’s kind of just gets you in the moment teaches you something new and you learned something at challenges, mean it’ll challenge your thinking. It’ll leave you something to think for the rest of the day. So, it is highly recommended you should try this out every single morning.

Motivational Videos

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is extremely important. Every day you got to start swapping out unhealthy things or healthier things. For example, instead of eating sugary cereals in the morning you can switch to eggs and fruit. It’s still sugar but it’s a different amount of sugar. Simple things like that for a snack don’t reach for a bag of chips, reach for almonds or things like that. Take vitamins every day. Take probiotics. You can crave for something once in a week but try not to make this a part of your daily routine because overall healthy food will benefit your mind, your brain, your health, your heart, your skin and you’re gonna look good when you’re in you 30 and 40 if you start eating healthier now.

Cleaning up your space

Clean your space. Clean your room and light a candle. This’ll just set the vibe for you to be in more clear mindset. Your room directly correlates with how you’re gonna feel that day. If your room is messy, your brain feels cluttered and messy. When your room is clean you can just think better. Try this out. Keep your room tidy up. Just find some little ways to make it clean and organized and things like that and then lightning a candle, the scent or aroma of having candle just kind of puts this good energy and vibes into your room.

Clean House Pexels

Workout Daily

Work out daily or at least four to five times a week. When you wake up, you should immediately try and find some way to work out whether that’s a core power yoga-like sculpting class. Whether that’s with your trainer. Running outside… Watching a youtube video and working out… There are a lot of ways to work out. It doesn’t always have to be super expensive, it doesn’t have to be a class. There are so many opportunities to work out and so look those up on YouTube. Take advantage of the free workout classes online. It’ll start your day off so right. You’ll feel like when you workout you just take the day on, you’ll feel great, motivated and awake. You may think as it makes you more tired. You would have less energy after it but after some time you don’t. You’ll feel like ready to go. It’s hard to get into the routine of working out but when you just keep slowly every single day doing something, eventually it’s going to become a habit. You’ll never gonna regret working out.

25 Minute Total Body Strength Workout

Motivational quotes

Write positive stuff on your mirror or any other place which you see every day. Write things like a positive mindset… Healthy eating… Stay motivated… Eat well today… Think positive… Stay Happy… When you’ll look at it you’ll be like okay that’s a good reminder when You’ll like thinking about reaching for a candy bar instead you’ll reach for healthy stuff. Little many things can help you know shift your mindset every single day. This is just kind of help, give you reminders of staying positive and right on track.


Organize your Day

After you wake up and go to the gym. After the gym clean your room and then get out your to-do list and your planner and check your emails and then immediately plan out what you need to do that day. Every single morning you have to make a to-do list and try to accomplish everything on the to-do list. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but you don’t beat yourself up over that but try and accomplish it. Try and organize it by making a list of what is most important and least important. Stick to it every single day.


Make Reading/Writing a Habit

Every single night try to read. Do something thats not on your phone. That’s not just sitting and looking at the TV. But something that gonna benefit you and even grow you and also journaling just really when you have so much going on in your mind and you don’t know who to talk to or just overbearing. Journaling is one of the best ways. It’s a great way to memory dump and word vomit onto the page and just write everything out. Clear your head. Get all your thoughts out on a piece of paper. It’s just an easy way to get a clear mindset. Read a book. Read books to get more positive in your life and recognizes areas where you have sin or negativity or that you are lacking. Reading is a GREAT way, self-help books are one of the best ways to grow.

Learn New Things Everyday

Try to learn something new every single day. There are a lot of apps that you can download to grow every single day, whether it’s learning a new language or a new vocab or a new fact every day. Many apps teach you something new every single day. You only need 5 minutes before bed to do this.


Think positive

This is all about your mindset. Think Positive. When you are constantly sitting thinking negative it’s going to affect how to think about everything else the rest of the day. It’s going to affect your mood, your energy for the rest of the day. More you start thinking positive and pushing out the negative, you’re just gonna live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Think Positive

Go to Bed at Same Time Every Night

Try to be consistent in your bedtime of waking up early and going to bed early. It is difficult because our generation is a night owl but you can restrain yourself to be more of a morning person. It took a lot of time to retrain your body but when you do this you feel so much productive when you wake up. Being a morning person makes you feel more productive. You’ll love waking up and seeing the sunrise, you’ll love drinking morning coffee. There’s so much more time in the day and there’s so much more light in the day.


Be Patient

Don’t be so hard on yourself. A lot of this does take time it is a lot of retraining your mind. It is a lot of patience. Don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up if you’re not fully there. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes keep you from doing the right thing today. If you mess up yesterday, today is a new day. Start fresh. Start new and retrain your mind every single day and just keep going because it is a continual process. It is something that you just have to keep doing and keep working on. It does take time but once you get it there you feel great. According to statistics, it takes 66 days to form a habit. Stay consistent. Be patient. Work hard.

10 Ways To Be Patient 5

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