Why do you have anemia? Learn the causes, signs and how to get rid of it fast


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We get anemia when the number of red blood cells in our body decreases which is called anemia in science. When oxygen enters the lungs during respiration, red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body, but if they are depleted, it becomes difficult for oxygen to reach all parts of the body.

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The most common cause of malnutrition is either poor diet or weakness, as well as physical illness. Without iron, and vitamin B2 in the body, anemia can still occur.


People who are anemic have pale yellow skin, dizziness, headaches, and light heartbeat.

Ways to enhance:

There are many ways to increase blood flow, the best way to increase blood flow is through diet.

Milk and Gar:

Milk is the greatest blessing from God to man, and milk is the most important in anemia. Drinking lukewarm milk mixed with ghar helps your body’s head cells to grow.


Spinach is rich in iron and iron is a major cause of anemia in the body, so use more spinach.


Beef is rich in vitamins. It also contains a lot of vitamin B2 which helps in increasing the blood.


Iron is also found in the liver and eating the liver quickly increases blood flow and also gives strength.


Fish also contains iron, vitamins B2, so fish is a very useful food for anemia.


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