Sleep Talking Causes And Treatments


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Talking in your sleep is a common thing and most people have this problem – although talking in their sleep is harmless and does not require any medical treatment, it can affect other people who sleep with you. It can definitely cause them trouble and disturb their sleep, which can deprive them of a full and complete sleep. Today we will tell you why people talk in their sleep and how they can be controlled.

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Genetic problem

Although experts have not yet been able to establish a definitive reason why people talk in their sleep, various studies have shown that the problem may be genetic – a study in Finland and Japan. The study found that most twins not only talk in their sleep but also have nightmares and sleepwalking – in addition, some researchers believe that parents who have a habit of talking in their sleep or illness This habit is also found in their children.

Lack of sleep

Even if you don’t get enough sleep, you may still have this problem – according to medical experts, when people are stressed or deprived of adequate sleep, they start talking in their sleep. When we don’t rest properly, our brain is affected, which in turn affects our sleep quality.

Sleep disorders

You may be surprised to learn that talking in your sleep is a sleep disorder in itself called somniloquy – anyone can suffer from it anytime but those who suffer from other sleep disorders are with themselves. The risk of disturbing sleep is even greater – Doctors believe that sleepwalking is linked to sleepwalking and dreams.

Medicinal effects

There are many medications that have a negative effect on sleep – these include sleep talking – the effects of some medications cause patients to not only talk in their sleep but also move their hands and feet during sleep. They even jump out of bed – these drugs are usually used to control depression.

How to overcome the problem?

The solution to this problem has not been found yet, but with a few changes you can overcome the habit of talking in your sleep – such as:

  • Avoid eating when your bedtime is approaching
  • Make your bed and pillow comfortable
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages
  • Always keep your daily bedtimes the same

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